Burst Plättchen to fill up the Energy Bar with as few twists as possible and place yourself in the high scores.

Beat three of five levels to unlock a new row.

Twist Plättchen to change their colour to the colour highlighted on the Color Wheel.

Four Plättchen of the same colour in one row or column react with each other and burst after a few seconds.

Connect additional Plättchen to the reaction and yield one energy unit for each exploding Plättchen.

White Plättchen do not react with each other,
black Plättchen cannot be twisted to other colours.


To fill up your Energy Bar, destroy more than four Plättchen of a colour at once as each colour consumes four energy units in an explosion.

This means you need a reaction of at least five Plättchen to gain one energy unit.

Each colour explodes on its own and afterwards changes the direction of the gravity in a predetermined order. On the borders the next Plättchen are ready to fall in.

Your Energy Bar is divided into four Energy Levels.

When the beam in the Energy Bar breaks an Energy Level, Fantasy Objects or even the gravity order may change.

Avoid dangerous objects with your FantsyME. If it gets hit, you lose a ZeLeLi.

Tilt the Wii Remote or the Nunchuk right to bring back your FantasyME.

If your FantasyME is not on screen,
no Plättchen can be twisted.

When all ZeLeLi are used up,
you lose the game.

The ultimate goal is to find the perfect way to solve a level.