With the power of ZeLeLi, your fantasy becomes reality.

ZeLeLi uses all of its energy to create a fantasy bubble and transforms itself into your FantasyME. Every Plättchen that is inside the fantasy bubble in this sector becomes aligned to a grid.

Help the ZeLeLi to change their colour and make them able to use their forces to destroy the Plättchen from inside.

All Plättchen and ZeLeLi that enter the fantasy bubble later are transformed to shapes that match your fantasy:

Black Plättchen become evil things such as skulls, a shark or cowboys, ZeLeLi become good things like small fish or cuddly plush balls which must not be harmed.


This beautiful and calm fantasy has no obstacles that can harm you.

Enjoy the atmosphere, experience the harmony of Japan in all four seasons and focus your mind on solving the puzzles.


Puppet cowboys ride the wacky little toy train that steams on its rails all the way through this fantasy! Shoot all of the cowboys off the train, because each wanted cowboy you miss costs you one life.

ZeLeLi transformed into cute little fish inhabit this colourful coral reef. Be careful while twisting and do not shoot them!

If you harm one of them, you lose one life, and, to make things even worse, you lure a white shark to you.

These are only three of all the possible fantasies.
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