Puzzle Box Maker for XMAS 2017

Puzzle Box Maker will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on December 21st 2017.

Check out the Release Trailer and get all the info at the official website:

European Nintendo page

American Nintendo page

Trailer link

Patreon link

Puzzle Box Maker brings back Game Over screen

Game Over.

Are you sad about the missing GameOver in #SuperMarioOdyssey? #PuzzleBoxMaker brings back  the GameOver screen.

Offering the same life-coin system as in Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey where players collect coins and loses them when making mistakes, Puzzle Box Maker also did NOT have a Game Over screen. But now, seeing so many people being upset or just sad about that loss, we finally created and included a real Game Over in Puzzle Box Maker when the amount of Fun Coins reaches zero.

We hope to make all fans of Puzzle Box Maker a little bit more happy with that addition.