Choose your favorite Nintendo Switch Menu icon for Puzzle Box Maker

Which #NintendoSwitch menu icon do you want for #PuzzleBoxMaker? パズルボックスメーカー

1 = Icon of original predecessor „Puzzle Box Setup“ on Nintendo 3DS
2 = Logo on Bricks
3 = Puzzle Box Maker game with all included heroes
4 = Holo the Puzzle Bottle which hosts the party

Some game icons do not have any text and some people seem to be upset about that. This is why we let the players decide how they want to decorate their Nintendo Switch Menu.

Puzzle Box Maker will get updates for optimizations and to add more features and functionality as well as new game modes – the icon might also change to represent the current instance of the game.


Meet Bplus @ GamesCom 2017

Get your hands on Puzzle Box Maker for Nintendo Switch for the very first time! Get creating and uploading your own Pixel Arts to the cloud and find out more about the AI that automatically creates challenging levels from any user-generated image.
Feel over 30 different kinds of vibrations in your hands thanks to the immersive HD Rumble feature. Play either with a variety of control schemes including; one Joy Con, dual Joy Cons or the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Use standard controls, or motion-pointer controls, users can even get hands-on by using the Nintendo Switch’s touch screen. There are also a variety of multiplayer options which are set to make any car journey or spontaneous coffee shop meeting an absolute blast!

Want to get hands on and try it yourself ahead of launch?
Bplus will be at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd August 2017. Simply send us a message to make an appointment:

Ach übrigens, natürlich sprechen wir lieber Deutsch mit Dir [=)]