Satoru Iwata

Satoru Iwata influenced my life in a great way. His death is very, very sad.

To honor Satoru Iwata, I decided to put my games on sale from now to the end of August 2015 in America. I reduced their prices as much as possible so I wouldn’t make a profit from them. I actually wanted to give them away for free, but contracts and other legal barriers prevented me from doing so. Any remaining cents that come from these sales will be donated to a cancer foundation.

Bit Boy!! ARCADE 1.20 USD (7.99)1717
PUZZLEBOX setup 0.50 USD (2.99)

Any cent from now goes to a cancer foundation.

In Europe a similar sale will start on July 30, BBA & PUZZLEBOX setup for 0.99 EUR each but any cent from NOW goes to a cancer foundation.
I won’t keep any cent.

Everyone has his own way to honor Mr. Iwata by writing, drawing, filming or playing and that is my way to honor this great man.

Rest in Peace Satoru Iwata