Puzzle Box Maker™ V2 is here

You get Puzzle Box Maker V2 for FREE if you bought Puzzle Box Maker for Nintendo Switch!! Puzzle Box Maker is now on eShop for €$ 14.99

Changes from Puzzle Box Maker™ V1 to its successor Puzzle Box Maker™ V2

❤ Solved minor gameplay bugs reported by fans
🧡 Polished every aspect of the game including a new art style
💛 New game icon
💙 Added video capture functionality
💚 Optimized controls
💜 New Level selection screen
🖤 Revised all graphics and new effects have been added
❤ Added a new Kubi™ Mode to Classic Levels
🧡 Added Summer+Winter theme to Kubi™ Mode
💛 Added new AI aspects for levels in Winter in Kubi™ Mode
💙 Added more and bigger monsters to Kubi™ Mode
💚 Destroyed Monsters release a black Shadow Plattchen in Kubi™ Mode
💜 Added some physics fun and other gimmicks to Kubi™ Mode
🖤 Pixo is now able to fly in 2 player mode in Kubi™ Mode
❤ Added Player Charts Levels
🧡 Added Player Level Ratings
💛 New and much greater Bomb Mode
💙 Added detailed game progress and coins information
💚 Added a Credits screen in the space design
💜 Added ability to move the pixel art around in Maker Mode
🖤 Online Gallery also supports Usernames with Unicode Chars
❤ Added Creator names next to the Level Code in game

Changes from Puzzle Box Maker V2.0.0 to Puzzle Box Maker V2.1.0

❤ Modified AI in Kubi™ Mode to make 99 Balloons level and others work
🧡 Added glittering effect to new Pixel Bombs
💛 Added particle effects to colliding pixel objects in Kubi™ Mode
💙 Cut objects into smaller pieces in Bomb Mode to avoid problems
💚 After GAME OVER you now get 100 Fun Coins instead of 20
💜 Added timeout when uploading in Maker to avoid Lost Level Codes
🖤 Added online check in Maker for upload at first save
❤ Added floating rooms with Monsters and Pixel Flies in Kubi™ Mode
🧡 Solved visibility issues on huge levels with 1 color in Kubi™ Mode
💛 Added block at start to avoid Bombs and Coins getting pushed down

New pixel art every week or in the official gallery: https://gallery.bplus.at

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